Construction Shop




Mustang 2070 Repair hydr. System

CAT 963 Installing Lift Cyclinder

CAT 955 Installing new Roller

CAT D8L Removing Old Equalizer Bar

Tampo RS16 Rebearing/Reseal final drives

Rebuild TF300

CAT 980 removing and install transmission

CAT 980 removing and install trans

CAT 977 remove and install torque converter

CASE DH5 Removing Transfer gear box

Case 1840 rebearing/reseal axle hubs

CAT D5H Run overhead

CAT 12G rebuild main hydrulic pump

Repair Hydraulic System

CAT 955L Reseal Lift cylinders

CAT 120G repairing brakes




CAT 953 Repairing Steering Linkage internal (H.P.C.U.)