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Williams Mobile Mechanic, Inc. offers a competitive preventive program.


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Getting your Lube Service performed by a Williams Mobile Mechanic technician is more than just your average oil change. You'll enjoy these benefits:

     -Planned Maintenance Agreements
     -Written Machine Inspection Reports
     -Proper disposal of waste oil and coolants
     -Service available for both you Cat and non-Cat equipment

     -Retention of maintenance records
     -Oil sampling, fluids analysis lab
     -All services performed in accordance with manufacturers  

We strongly believe that Preventative Maintenance is the most crucial aspect of your equipment's functional life. And at Williams Mobile Mechanic, we offer a number of services to maintain the life , including in-shop and field service capabilities.


Fluid Analysis / SOS

-Scheduled Oil Sampling- S.O.S. analysis measures wear metals and dirt, detects water, fuel and antifreeze in oil, measures soot, oxidation and sulfur contaminants. Many companies evaluate oil composition, but interpreting the results is the key to effective engine management. We understand your engine, so we can interpret findings and diagnose problems quickly and accurately.

-Engine Coolant Sampling- Over 40% of all engine failures can be traced to the cooling system. Coolant analysis program monitors glycol, supplemental coolant additives, pH levels, conductivity, metal corrosion and other impurities.


    This program will benefit your company by providing you with an easy to read, accurate preventative maintenance documentation on every piece of equipment in your fleet. This documentation can then be used as a selling point if you sell any of your equipment.

     The oil samples benefit your company by allowing you to catch problems, if any, within any of the components on the equipment. If you catch the problem early, you could save money on repairs by just fixing the current problem. If you arenít using the oil sampling, you are risking spending thousands of dollars on repairs that could have been prevented.

    Extend Your Equipment Life - Invest In Lowered Cost!    

Maintenance Report: As you know with each piece of equipment there are different components and there are different maintenance hours on these components. Our reports include all components that need to be maintained, the current hours of the equipment, the date and hours of the last maintenance provided for that component, and the difference between the current hours and the hours of the last maintenance provided.

Oil Sample Report: Each piece of equipment also has different hours for taking oil samples from different components. We will also provide a report similar to the maintenance report that will keep up with the date and hours of the last oil sample. Also like the maintenance report, the oil sample report will calculate the machines current hours with the last oil sample to let you know when you should sample next.

Williams Mobile Mechanic currently has lube technicians and trucks servicing Austin, Blanco, Kerville, San Antonio, Victoria, Waco, and Waxahachie.

      --You can measure the success of your preventive maintenance programs on your bottom line analysis, good maintenance practiced over the long-term dramatically decreases the high-cost repairs and major failures encountered by operators who don't maintain their equipment. And early detection of trouble spots reduces downtime and increases your productivity


  Take Advantage of Williams Mobile Mechanic's most popular agreement:

2000 Hour/2 Year maintenance plan agreement, which includes these 8 services:

  • (2) 250 Hour Service

  • (2) 500 Hour Service

  • (2) 750 Hour Service

  • (1) 1000 Hour Service

  • (1) 2000 Hour Service

  Williams Mobile Mechanic understands the challenge of managing and maintaining your equipment. Our customer support representatives are here to advise you and help you choose from a wide variety of repair options and equipment-management services that keep you productive and profitable
  Need Lube Service?

Contact: Teresa Williams 512-243-0064



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